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I'm always willing to answer questions about the site. But before you email me, please make sure you've checked the FAQ Index Page first. Most likely, it'll have the answer you're looking for - and we'll both save time. Also, I've tried hard to make the descriptions and instructions on each page answer the most commonly asked questions relevant to that page. So read them carefully.

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To give you a taste of how cool the Secret Net Tools are (you have to contribute to get access to all of them), I've enabled your access to several of the simpler ones. Enjoy!

Domain Name Sniffer
Are You Listed?
License Pl8 Genr8tor

Google (my favorite search engine)

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Tutorials: (read in this order)
Preparing your Pages for the Search Engines
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Improving your Search Engine Rankings
How to (not) win Awards

Trends in Submission
Virtual Vexation
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A Marketing Course that Works?!
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Believe it or not, 11.13% of the people who use support the site!
PLEASE include your account name in any correspondence; it really helps if I can look at your account!

Making Suggestions:

Some of the best features of started out as suggestions from users like you (and weirdly enough, they all came from people who actually paid up... hmmm...) So please let me know what you think. Here are some suggestion guidelines:

New Features:

If you want me to add some new feature to, it has to score 3 out of 4 when it comes to being truly useful, of interest to most of the audience, cool, and easy to implement. I'm probably mostly interested in interesting, cool and useful stuff, as I like a challenge!

New Indexes and Engines:

The new site ought to be professional in its presentation, have a coherent theme, be useful (and thus likely to generate hits), and have a submission method that is amenable to automatic submission. If it uses a database to look up categories, the DB ought to be spiderable.

I typically only add sites that are generating 50,000 page views a day or more. This is because less than this means the site isn't that useful to the users of, and because if you're not generating 50K page views a day, you probably don't have the infrastructure in place to handle the deluge of submissions you'll get!


I'm only interested in listing those awards that are not given automatically, and that are given based on some definite criteria. In other words, they have to be meaningful awards. The site of the award presenter ought to look good, as should the award itself. If the award is given to more than 10% of the applicants, it probably doesn't qualify. And giving me the award won't get you on the list.
You can submit suggestions for new sites and awards by visiting the Get Added page. The form there will automatically format things and make it easy for me to add the sites.
Whew! With all that said and done, feel free to email me at REMEMBER: let me know what your account name is.

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