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Just about every option and page on the site is always available through a link in one of the Navigation Palettes on the right edge of all of the pages (except this one!)
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Getting Started
The Home Page will introduce you to the site, explain what it does (and doesn't do), and give you a step-by-step introduction to the process of site promotion. You will want to read the Tutorial before creating an account and using it to promote your website. is a very powerful tool and the tutorial will help you get off on the right foot. The Help & FAQ page contains a lot of information that you may find useful if you become stuck. Generally, however, the answer to most questions is on the page you are currently on!
Account Options
NOTE: since you are not logged into an account, some of the links in this section are disabled. Disabled links are italicised
You create an Account in which you store information about your websites that is used to promote them. You will need to enter your email address so the site can send you email reports of promotions it has done for you.

If you have forgotten your account information, don't worry! You can have it emailed to you

You can log into your account from any page using the log-in palette. If you are using an account and want to log in to another account, you can use the Log In to Another Account link in the Promote! Palette.

After you log in to your account, you will go to the Main Options page. This contains recent site news, as well as forms that let you create a Record and change your email address. You can have more than one record in your account; each record holds the data for a different website you want to promote.

When you've logged in, you will see the Promote! Palette in the top-right of each page. This has pulldown menus that let you select the record to work on, and what you want to do with it, as well as links to pages that provide account utility functions.
Add Record takes you back to the main options page, which contains the add record form. So does the Change Email Address link, but it also scrolls the page to show you the email address change form, which is cunningly hidden!

Delete Record lets you delete records you no longer need. Be careful with this, because once it's deleted, its gone!

Copy between Records lets you copy information between records (and create a new record at the same time, if you want). You can select what types of record information is copied.

Tip: If you want to change the name of a record, copy everything from the old record into a new record with the new name, then delete the old record.
Account Status will display a concise report about what you've done with each of your records and also email you a copy.

Account Preferences lets you set a bunch of minor preferences related to your account.

Turbo Data Entry is a web-interface that is intended for advanced users of the site (typically, professional web promotors working for a client) to dump large amounts of info into a new record. Most users don't need to worry about it.
The Secret Net Tools
NOTE: Most of the Secret Net Tools are available only to those who have contributed $10 or more. Disabled links are italicised
The HTML PrettyPrinter reads your webpages and displays the source code in a special indented format that makes it easy to see their logical structure and diagnose HTML errors. It is particularly good at finding errors in table structure that cause your pages to display weirdly.

Enter your URL and a keyword into the Are You Listed? tool, and it will generate search links that, when clicked on, will usually tell you whether or not your site is listed on the major search engines.

Just for fun, check out the License PL8 Genr8tor. It will help you reduce any phrase into a form suitable for use on a vanity license plate!
The Multisubmitter is a serious power-tool that lets you submit all of your major URLs to all of the major search engines using a single form, all at once! It queues and submits the URLs one per day so you won't get into trouble for submitting too much.

If you're interested in how your site ranks for various keywords, use the Rankulator to check. You can enter some common keywords and key-phrases, and it will check some major search engines with all the permutations and email you a report on where you stand.

View HTML is a simple tool that shows you exactly what your pages look like to a search engine. You can have it pretend to be a major search engine or a browser.

The Keyword Diffuser lets you enter all your important keywords; it then mixes them up and generates as many META tags as you want, so you can have different, but related, META tags on each of your pages, and hopefully one of them will rate very well for a particular query.
The Link Finder queries the search engines to find all the pages that link to a particular website. Use it to find out who's linking to you, or to find out who's linking to your competitors!

The Keyword Susser is a very powerful tool for determining exactly what your best keywords and phrases are. You give it a list of words, and it will email you a report showing you all keywords containing those words ranked by their search popularity on

If you are bidding on a lot of terms on websites like Overture, you'll want to use the Search Terms Generator to quickly generate all the permutations of a search phrase of up to 4 words. You can specify up to 4 variations for each word, and the tool will generate all the possible combinations.
About the Site
The home page provides a non-brief introduction to the site, gets you started on the site tour, and is the home of the infamous BaldSpotCam.

A good place to start is the Illustrated Tutorial, also known as "A Boy and his Website". It will take you step by step through the process of using the submission system.

Help and a FAQ are always a click away; the Help tab above the palettes will pop up a window containing the help page. Note that one reason the site is wordy is that I try and include the answers to the most common questions on the page where the question is likely to come up!

I maintain a List of Search Engines that either autosubmits to or links to. Useful for finding unusual indexes you might want to submit to.
You have to Create an Account before using the site; you can do this on any page using the palette form if you're not logged into an account. If you are and want to create a new account, this page will let you do that.

What's New lists recent changes to the site. It's usually terribly out of date. The early entries are amusing, though!

How it Works describes in gory, geeky technical detail how the site does the voodoo it does.

The Promotion Monitor shows you what websites are currently queued for promotion by Tooter.
You can view the totally self-aggrandizing list of Awards the site has won if you want. Some of them are pretty weird.

Before people can apply for awards, I have to rate their site. So I have a page full of links to the Best User Sites. Some of them are pretty cool.

Finally, if you're still up for some more punishment, you can read some of the embarrassingly nice things people have said about the site...
How NOT to Win Awards describes the top 10 mistakes people make when creating websites. It is a useful checklist for finding things to delete from your website.

Preparing your Pages for the Search Engines takes you step-by-step through the process of analysing your site, determining what your keywords and keyphrases really are, and generating effective pages that will rank well on the search engines.

How to Get Listed in Yahoo describes in great detail exactly what you have to do to create and submit an effective Yahoo listing that will get accepted. If you know what NOT to do, getting into Yahoo is EASY. It also contains detailed tips on the other major search engines as well. and AdWords are efficient, cheap sources of website traffic. This tutorial explains what they do and how to use them effectively.

The 500 Sites Fallacy discusses why submitting your site to "the top 500 search engines" is a waste of time, and Page 1 Paranoia goes into detail about why getting onto page 1 in the search engine results often isn't worth doing for most people.

Clickthrough Conundrums investigates the issue of quality vs. quantity when it comes to website traffic. I attempt to explain that it doesn't matter how many hits you get; it matters how many sales you make!
I also contribute my 2-cents worth on the problem of Spam and how to deal with it. And if you've ever gotten a clueless email from a newbie containing a virus warning, you'll appreciate the Internet Gullibility Virus alert!

In An Internet Marketing Course that Works? I review the Internet Marketing Center's course. Some interesting pros and cons here.

The Links of Interest page contains categorized links of good web-promotion/webmaster resources I've found. And the Glossary of Useful Terms may occasionally be of use.

Finally, just for laughs, check out Woodhead's Law and Random Nonsense.
Crass Commercialism
Once the subliminal mind-control GIFs have taken effect, you'll want to use the form on the Be Supportive! page to send me lots of money.

And then you'll want to sign up for my affiliate program, send me lots of traffic, and Make Money Slow!
If you have an index, search engine or award you'd like me to submit to, please tell me using the Get Added form.

Similarly, if you'd like to flog your products by advertising on the site, I have a page that details all the Sponsorship Opportunities available.
Finally, if you have comments or suggestions about the site, I would love to hear them.

About this site...
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