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Believe it or not, 11.13% of the people who use support the site!
Here is a usually slightly out-of-date list of the sites that submits to.

A (M) indicates that manual submission is required; there are several reasons why this may be so:

Total number of sites: 644 (56 automatic submission, 588 manual submission)
Total number of awards: 213 (116 automatic submission, 97 manual submission)

Webspiders & Robots (Search Engines)

AltaVista (M)
AOL Search (M)
Excite (M)
Inktomi (paid submission) (M)
InfoMak (M)
Kanoodle (M)
National Directory
Northern Light
SearchHippo (M)
What-U-Seek (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (Major) (formerly, The Mining Company) (M) (aka Ask Jeeves) (M)
Jayde (M) (M)
LookSmart (M)
MSN Search Index (M)
Open Directory Project (M)
NBCi (formery Snap) (M)
NBCi LiveDirectory (M)
Yahoo (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (General, Part 1)

Best Of The Web (M)
FetchDog (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (General, Part 2)

HitBox (M)
LifeStyle UK (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (General, Part 3)

LinkCentre (M)
OmniSeek (M)
OneMission (M)
OneKey (M)
OpenHere (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (General, Part 4)

Qango (M)
Scrub The Web
SearchHound (M)
SearchKing (M)
SearchTheWeb (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (General, Part 5)

Twirlix (M)
WithOneClick (M)
Eye On The Web (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (Personal)

WhoWhere (M)
Zeal (M) (M)
SwitchBoard (M) (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (General Business Related)

4SmallBusiness (M)
AllBusiness (M)
Companies Online (M)
Goto (M)
InfoMarket (M)
ShopMyState (M)
USA Online
1st Global Directory (requires reciprocal link) (M)
GTE Yellow Pages (M)
The Jewelry Mall (M)
Nihongo Yellow Pages (M)
Rescue Island (M)
SuperPages (Yellow Pages) (M)
Where2Go (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (Shopping)

Buyers Index (M)
CoolShopping (M)
Galaxy (M)
InfoMarket (M)
Internet Mall (M)
InternetShopper (M)
MallPark (M) (M)
MySimon (M)
Yahoo Shopfind
The Jewelry Mall (M) (only sites that accept COD) (M)

Indexes & Catalogs (Special-Interest)

Alba66 Search Engines by Country list (excellent!) (M) (excellent!) (M) Search Engine List Page (M)
Beaucoup (excellent!) (M)
The Argus Clearinghouse (M)
DirectoryGuide (M)
FinderSeeker (M)
Internet Sleuth (M)
Search Engine Colossus (Huge list by country!) (M)
Search Engine Watch Specialty Search Listings (M)
Search Power! (M)
WebSearch Guide @ (M)
WebSearch Guide @ - Search Engine List (M)
Yahoo Search Engine / Index Listings (M)
Comedy Zone (M)
Gallery Sites (Visual Arts) (M) (M)
Retif's Art Index (M)
CharityUSA (M)
WeCareToo (M)
Collectiques (M)
Acts Christian Search (M) (M)
Find-a-Church (M) (M)
Halleluia! - Churches (M) (M)
English as a Second Language (M)
English as a Second Language Links (M)
PedagoNet (Learning Resources) (M)
TeachWeb (M)
WebQuests (M)
eCology Links (M)
GreenPages (M)
GreenSites (M)
Personal Heritage (M)
Festive World (M)
Magic Woman Petticoat Directory (M)
QueerSeek (M)
BioExplorer Bioscience Links (M)
Biomed Net (Biologicial and Medical Research) (M) (EQ / Emotional Intelligence) (M)
HealthLinks (M)
Medical World Search (M)
Prime Medical (M)
Support & Recovery Yellow Pages (M)
123 Kidz Area (kids products/services) (M)
AOL Search Kids Only (M)
Ask Jeeves for Kids (M)
Family Web Files (M)
PeachPod (M)
SalukiSearch (M)
SuperSnooper (M) (M)
Yahooligans (M)
FindLaw (M)
Internet Legal Resource Guide (M)
Hieros Gamos (M)
Indiana University School of Law: Law Virtual Library (M)
Mishpat Legal Index (M) (M)
AppleLinks (M)
Macinstein (M)
IndustrySearch (M)
Castings Directory (Foundry Industry) (M)
Celluloid Links (M)
DirectionX Anime Search Engine (M)
Everything Showbiz (M)
The Reel Site Directory (M)
MusicSearch (M)
RockSource (M)
SiteScour (M)
Search Engine Watch Multimedia/MP3 Search Engine Lists (M)
All (M)
Internet Press (M)
AriadneSpider (Pagan) (M)
AvatarSearch (Occult) (M)
Internet Underground (M)
New Age Web Works (M)
SpiritSearch (Spiritual/Metaphysical) (M)
WiccaNet (M)
BuildNet (Building Industry) (M)
ContractorGuide (M)
The Real Estate Library (M)
AdvisorPage (Professional Financial Services) (M)
Busweb (Buses & Coaches) (M)
CompuInfo Center (Computer Hardware) (M)
Gambler's Quarters (M)
Independant Insurance Agent's Directory (M) (M)
RocketSpider (Jewelry) (M)
Rural America Jobfind (Human Resources / Employment) (M)
TenLinks (CAD Design) (M)
Deeper Blue Search (Underwater stuff) (M)
Golfers Index (M) (M)
Charming Country Inns (M)
InnWeb (Index of Inns and Bed-n-Breakfasts) (M)
Real World Holidays (M)
Roomz (Hotels, B&B;, etc) (M)
TOL Search ($) (M)
Travel Channels (M)
Tyzo (Travel Index) (M)
World Wide Travel Source (M)
Free Center (M)
FreeSites (M)
Nautila (M)
NetSurprise (M) Multimedia & Graphics (M)
Femina (M)
SheKnows - Online Resources & Info for Women (M)
WWWoman (M) (M) (M) (Dallas/Fort Worth) (M) (Upper Midwest USA) (M) (M)
MichiganMercant (M)
New Jersey Webguide (M)
OneGenesis (Washington DC) (M) (M)
Uffda! (Minnesota) (M)
Celtic Attic (Irish sites & products) (M)
ContestWorld (M)
Do-It-Yourself Search (M)
JobHopper - Help Wanted Listings (M)
MatureConnections - index for senior citizens (M)
Native American Resources (M)
SeniorHospitality - index for senior citizens (M)
StoneHoo - index for stone carving sites (M)

British Search Engines & Indexes

Altavista UK
AskAlex (M)
Excite UK
LookSmart UK (M)
Scoot (M)
Search UK (M)
Splut (M)
TherapyCity (M)
UK eBusiness Guide (M)
UK Index (M)
UKMax (M)
UK Plus (M)
British Web Design & Marketing Assoc. List (M)
250000 (M)
SurfLondon (M)
UKPlanet (M)

Canadian Search Engines & Indexes

Canadian, Eh?
CanadaSeek (M)
AlcanSeek (M)
WebCity Canada (M)
Maple Square (M)
Carrefour (Quebec) (M)
SearchBC (British Columbia) (M)
WebCanada (M) (Yellow Pages) (M)
CanadaOne's list of Canadian Indexes (M)

Step 1: Yahoo (aka 'Yahoo uber alles')

Yahoo (M)

African Search Engines & Indexes

Aardvark (South Africa) (M)
Ananzi (South Africa) (M) (M)
Casanet (Morocco) (M)
CyberEthiopia (M)
EgyptWeb (M)
EgyptSearch (M)
GhanaForum (M)
Max (South Africa) (M)
Mbendi (South Africa; business) (M)
S. A. Directory (M)
South Africa Online (M)
WoYaa! (M)
ZA-Index (South Africa) (M)

Asian Search Engines & Indexes (excluding Japan)

123 India (M) (China) (M) (China) (M)
Altavista Korea (M)
AppuOnline (India) (M)
AsiaGuide (M)
Balla (Hong Kong) (M)
BataviaNet (Indonesia) (M) (China) (M)
Cari (Malaysia) (M)
Cebu Online (Philippines) (M)
Chinapages (China) (M)
Chinascape (China) (M)
Chinavista (China) (M)
Coo (Taiwan) (M)
CSeek (China) (M)
CUKH (Hong Kong) (M) (China) (M)
Edsa (Philippines) (M)
Essence of India (M)
FilipinoLinks (Philippines) (M)
Gappu (India) (M)
Goyoyo (China) (M)
GSILink (Philippines) (M)
HK Data (M)
HK Search (M)
HK Seek (M)
Hong Kong Search Engine (M)
HotRank (Taiwan) (M)
IndiaBook (India) (M)
IndiaTimes (India) (M)
iViet (Vietnam) (M)
Jadoo (India) (M)
KInfo (Korea) (M)
Khoj (India) (M)
Ohu (China) (M)
Online (China) (M)
Orientation Asia (M)
PCCMS (China) (M)
Mahanagar (India) (M)
Mochanni (Korea) (M)
Monster (Taiwan) (M)
Mukil (India) (M)
Naver (Korea) (M)
NetEase (China) (M)
Pakistan Web Directory (M)
Poyin (Singapore) (M)
ReadChina (China) (M)
Rediff (India) (M)
RichSurf (China) (M)
SajaSearch (Indonesia) (M)
Search Indonesia (M)
Search Singapore (M)
Sinanet (China) (M)
Sohu (China) (M)
South Asian Milan (Indian Subcontinent) (M)
SpeedNet (Hong Kong) (M)
Surf China (M)
Technofind (Singapore) (M)
Vietgate (Vietnam) (M)
Vietpage (Vietnam) (M)
WebHK (Hong Kong) (M)
WNet (Thailand) (M)
Whatsite (Taiwan) (M)
Yam (Taiwan) (M)
YeHey! (Philippines) (M)
Zhaodaola (China) (M)

Australian Search Engines & Indexes

Altavista Australia (M)
Boomerang (M)
Excite Australia
GoEureka (M)
LookSmart Australia (M)
OZSearch (M)
ANZAK Search (M) (M)
Australian WWW Servers (M)
Cowley Findit! (M)
NSW Search (New South Wales) (M)
SA Seek (South Australia) (M)
Sun Search (Queensland) (M)
Vic Find (Victoria) (M)
WAZOO (West Australia) (M)

European Search Engines & Indexes

AllT (M)
Bosnia Online (M)
Buscopio (Spanish Index of Indexes) (M)
Croatian Internet Directory (M)
Donde (Spain) (M)
El Indice (Spain) (M)
Eon (Slovenia) (M)
Evreka (Finland) (M)
GoJasper (Belgium) (M)
Greek Explorer (M)
Haku (Finland) (M)
Heureka (Hungary) (M)
Ilse (Netherlands) (M)
Imago (Romania) (M)
Jippii (Finland) (M)
Jubii (Denmark) (M)
Just Monaco (M)
Katalog (Slovakia) (M)
Kvasir (Denmark/Norway/Sweden) (M)
Kypros (Cyprus) (M)
Krstarica (Yugoslavia) (M)
Lithuania Online (M)
Maknet (Macedonia) (M)
Matkurja (Slovenia) (M)
MTV3 (Finland) (M)
Neti (Estonia) (M)
Netoskop (Poland) (M)
NordicPortal (Scandinavia) (M)
Ole (Spain) (M)
Onet (Poland) (M)
Online Lithuania (M)
Orientation Eastern Europe (M)
Origo (Norway) (M)
Ozu (Spain) (M)
Punkt (Sweden) (M)
RMacedonia (M)
Sapo (Portugal) (M)
SearchIberia (Spain/Portugal) (M)
Search Malta (M)
Seznam (Czech Republic) (M)
Sis (Slovenia) (M)
Slowwwenia (Slovenia) (M)
Sonera (Finland) (M)
South (Iceland) (M)
Trovator (Spain) (M)
Vide (Croatia) (M)
Vindex (Netherlands) (M)
WebIndex (Greece) (M)
Wirtualna Polska (Poland) (M)
WWW (Croatia) (M)
WWW (Finland) (M)
WWW (Yugoslavia) (M)
YuSearch (Yugoslavia) (M)
YuStart (Yugoslavia) (M)
Zoek (Netherlands) (M)

French-language Search Engines & Indexes

Excite France
Indicateur (M)
Adminet (M)
Advalvas (Belgium) (M)
Bagou (M)
Carrefour (Quebec) (M)
Chaloop (M)
Ctrouvˇ (M)
Ecila (M)
Enfin (directory of french search engines!) (M)
Geneve Central (Switzerland) (M)
IndexA (Business-only) (M)
Kifessa (M)
La Toile du Quˇbec (Quebec) (M)
LuxPoint (Luxembourg) (M)
Nomade (M)
Reference (Switzerland) (M)
Rendez-vous (M)
Roadhouse (M)
Romandie (Switzerland) (M) (Switzerland) (M)
Sharelook (M)
Sharelook (Belgium) (M)
Sharelook (Switzerland) (M)
SwissOne (Switzerland) (M)
Swiss Search (Switzerland) (M)
Trouvez (M)
Vachement (M)
Wanadoo (M)
Web-Marchand (Business-only) (M)
WebBel (Belgium) (M)
WebWatch (Belgium) (M)
WebWatch (Belgian Search Engine List) (M)
What2Do (Belgium) (M)
WhoYou (M)

German Search Engines & Indexes (M)
Excite Germany
Fux (M) (M)
CoolSuchen (M)
Abacho (M)
Acoon (M)
Aladin (M)
Aladin-Branchenindex (M)
Alles Klar (M)
Bellnet Suchmaschine (M)
Best of Internet (M)
Blitzsuche (M)
Branchen-DINO (M)
Business Suchdienst (M)
BusinessLink (Switzerland) (M)
Columbus Finder (M)
Crawler (M)
Dasi (Business) (M)
Deutsches Branchenbuch (M)
Dino (M)
Eorupages (M)
Eule (Germany) (M) (M)
Flix (Business) (M)
Guter Rat! (M)
Hit-net (M)
HotList (M)
Infoseek Deutschland (M)
Intersearch (M)
Klug Suchen (M)
Kolibri (M) (M) (M)
Lotse (M) (M) (M)
Mosquito (M)
Nathan (M)
NetGuide (M)
NetGuide (Switzerland) (M) (M)
Sharelook (M)
Sharelook (Switzerland) (M)
Speedfind (M)
STERN Online (M)
Swiss Search (M)
Web-Archiv (M)
WebIndex (M)
Webtip (M)
Wer liefert was? (M)
Wo long (M)
World's Best (M)
Sternchen (M)

Irish Search Engines & Indexes

Ask Paddy (M)
Doras (M)
NiceOne (M)
ieSearch (M)
Infosites Ireland (M)
Ireland Search (M)
Swift (Ireland) (M)

Italian Search Engines & Indexes

Arianna (M)
Caffe (M)
Virgilio (M)
Iltrovatore (M)
ShinySeek (M)
Il Ragno Italiano (M)

Japanese Search Engines & Indexes

Acaranavi (M)
CSJ Index (M)
dddd! Search (M)
Dragon (M)
Excite Japan (M)
Find'X (M)
FreshEye (M)
Goo (M)
Hole-In-One (M)
iNet Guide (M)
Infoseek Japan (M)
InfoNavigator (M)
ISize (M)
Lycos Japan (M)
Mondou (M)
NetPlaza (M)
Nikkei Net (M)
Search Engine Room (M)
Senrigan (M)
Wave Navigator (M)
WezSite (M)
Yahoo Japan (M)

Latin-American Search Engines & Indexes

Achei (Brasil) (M)
Antena (Chile) (M)
AltaVista Latin America (M)
Aonde (Brasil) (M)
Apali (M)
Argentina WWW Directory (M)
Auyantepui (Venezuela) (M)
BigWeb (Brasil) (M)
Bacan! (Ecuador) (M) (M)
Bookmarks (Brasil) (M)
Brasil On Line (M)
Brazilis (Brasil) (M)
Buscador (Mexico) (M)
BuscaBr (Brasil) (M)
BuscaWeb (Brasil) (M)
Cade (Brasil) (M)
Costa Rica SuperSite (M)
Encontrei (Brasil) (M)
Eureka (Venezuela) (M)
GauchoNet (Argentina) (M)
Global Media (Brasil) (M)
Grippo (Argentina) (M)
Guia! (Argentina) (M)
Guiaweb (Brasil) (M)
Iguana (Mexico) (M)
Index Columbia (M)
MexMaster (Mexico) (M)
Mexico Web Guide (M)
Miner (Brasil) (M)
NazcaNet (M)
NetBiz (Brasil) (M)
NetSearch Jamaica (M)
Nicaragua Online (M)
OGrandeGuia (Brasil) (M)
Ondier (Brasil) (M)
Radaruol (Brasil) (M)
Sol (Spain) (M)
StarMedia (M) (Brasil) (M)
Uruguay Total (M)
Web Peru (M)
Wepa (Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands) (M)
Yagua (Paraguay) (M)
Yupi (M)
Zeek (Brasil) (M)
Additional Spanish-language Indexes (courtesy of (M)
Additional Portuguese-language Indexes (courtesy of (M)
Yet Another Index of Latin Search Engines and Indexes (M)
A Big List of Brazilian Directories (M)

Netherlands Search Engines & Indexes

Ecrider (M)
Excite Netherlands (M)
Ilse (M)
Looksmart Netherlands (M)
Lycos Netherlands (M)
NL Menu (business index) (M)
Open Directory Netherlands (M)
Scoot (M)
Search (M)
Track (M)
Viden (M)
Vindex (M)
Zoek (M)

Russian Search Engines & Indexes

Ads and Consulting (M)
Advertum (Search Engine) (M)
Aport! (Search Engine) (M)
Au! (M) (M)
Rambler (Search Engine) (M)
Russia on the Net (great url!) (M)
Search (M)
Search Centre (M)
Stolitsa Internet (M)
Tela (Search Engine) (M)
Ulitka (M) (M)
Yandex (Search Engine) (M)
Zenon N.S.P. (M)
Listing of Russian-speaking Internet Indexes (M)

Ukrainian Search Engines & Indexes

Infoukes (M) (M)
Sesna (M) (M)

A Note of Thanks

Sites that accept Adult listings:

AllBusiness (M)
BuyItOnline (M)
Goto (M)
MallPark (M)
NBCi (formery Snap) (M)
Open Directory Project (M)
USA Online
WebDirect (M)
Yahoo (M)

Adults-Only Indexes and Promotion Resources:

AdultMatrix (M)
Dark Castle (M)
Farking (M)
ManSeek (M) (M)
PornSubmit (M)
Rose's Naughty Links (M)
SexTracker (M)
Sin City (M)
SINfoseek (M)
Sublime Directory (M)
TeamPorn (M)
XXXCompass (M)

Special Restricted Indexes

Search Beat

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Hot/Cool Sites

Bridging Heaven & Earth
Cool Site of the Nite
Cosmic Site of the Night
Dr. Webster's
Flung Site of the Day
Short Attention-Span Site
Too Cool
TopTenLinks (M)
What's Hot, What's Not
Yahoo Pick of the Week

Truly Exceptional Site Awards

@Websites Award
10 Best
Accusubmit Top 5% Award (M)
Award to Internet Excellence
Best Of Show Award
Best of the Net
BESTEEN hot site
Comedy Cool Site Award
C.T.Adams_||| Webmaster Award
CBiRD line awards
Chris' World Award
Driftwood Mark of Excellence
Dystini's Excellence Award
EggCellent Award
Eggscellence Awards
The Enlightenment Award
The European Internet Award
Fatman's Site of Excellence
Featured Site Award
Five Flake Salute
Gazoo's Gold Choice
Gigafree Site Award
gorgeous cooool award
Gr8site Award.
Great Site Award
The Greyton H. Taylor Memorial
Jayde Diamonds
Jeremy's Award
The Jobo Huuuh!! Award
Lando's Top Destination Award
Linkaholics Hot Site Award.
Medaille d'Or
Merle's Top Pick
Mountain Site Award
Nuclear Winter
Online Europe
Out of this GaLaXy AWARD
Paxsites Award of Excellence
Pink Quill Award
The Platinum Resource Award
Rasta Quality Award
The REAL Super Bee Award (M)
Riddler's Choice
Ronny's Palace AWARD (M)
A Site to See Award
Strutting Frog Award
Tiki Trash Seal Of Approval
Time Well Spent
Top Site Award
The Vivek Award
Website of the week
WebSun Awards
Wild Top Site Award
WS Award
Zenation Top 100 (M)

HTML Awards

Dr. Clue
Interactive's Cool Site Award

Site Design Awards

Aloha Award
A Brilliant Design
BT Design Awards
Creative Award
Design Excellence
Gems' Award of Excellence
Hflora Awards
The Golden Sphere Award
A HELICOPTERS AWARD award of excellen
Market-Tek Design Award
Net Nation Awards
PeaceWork Certified Site Award (M)
The Site of Excellence Award
Searcher Award of Excellence
Website Excellence
WebNet (M)
Wow Web Designs (M)

Graphics Awards

Award For Graphical Excellence
Graphic Park
LogoWonders Superior Graphic.. (M)

Resource Awards

F.S.C.T. A+ Website Internet Award
Network Resource Site Award
Webmaster T
WebReference (M)

Business-related Awards

Canadian Web Awards (M)
Cut Above
EBRED Award (M)
Home Business of the Month (M)
Jury Award for E-commerce (M)
Learning Fountain (M)
Target's Business Site Award (M)
Web Wings Award (M)

Non-Commercial & Homepage Awards

Adventures Award (M)
Award E-Sweet
BUNI'S 4444 Award
Cyberbrat's Award of greatness
Excellent Home Page Award
Hope Award
Jeffrey's Excellence Homepage
Loveherald Personals

Kids Awards

Angharad's Cool Page
Eternity's Award
KidBytes Award
Kid Friendly Award
Nowie's Award
Wolf Awards

Fun Awards

Cool Site award
Cool Site Award!
Da Dot Award
Golden Lion
Sweet Cheeses & Pure Cheez

Weird Awards

List of the Insane and Unusual (M)
The Vile Award
Walk the Night Solitary

Awards with special requirements

101Compelling Text Achievement (M)
Alaska Web Site Award (M)
Amanda's Awards (14)
Animals in Distress Award (M)
BansheeNC's Kewl Site Award Award (M)
Best Animal Site of the Web (M)
Best Brewer Award (M)
Best of Net About Immigration (M)
Best VTM site (M)
Best Youth Site Award (M)
BizWeb2000 Gold (M)
The Blue Maxwell (M)
Castles Site of the Week (M)
Catholic Family Site Award (M)
Cool Living History Site Award (M)
Creative Website Award
CyberiaPC Award of Excellence (M)
Dare to Drum Music Education (M)
A Design Above (M)
Devoted to Chevelle (M)
DNE Under Construction Award (M)
DSTW Awards (M)
eCOLOGY Award (M)
ECW Wrestling Award (M)
Editor's Choice Award (M)
Empowerment Award (M)
The EnviroAward (M)
Excellence Award for Romance (M)
The Fly With Eagles Award (M)
Fire in the Soul (M)
Freedom Award (M)
Freedom to Be (M)
Fromper Award
Goddess Website of the Day (M)
The Gold Tin Award (M)
The Golden Weasel Award (M)
Great Singers Great Site Award (M)
Greywlf's Website Excellence (M)
The Gulf Palace Award (M)
Horse Directory Supreme Site (M)
Inspirational Gold Award (M)
IRCAddicts Web Page Award (M)
IRC Related Award Program (M)
I've different awards (M)
IM -- Best of Food Online (M)
Knight of the Realm Award (M)
The Knights of Little Bohemia (M)
Lad's Basketball Site Award (M)
Literary Appeal Award (M)
Literary Content Award (M)
Literary Rose (M)
McMeekan's Awards (M)
Medical Online Excellence (M)
Millennium And Beyond Award
Monthly Education Hot Site (M)
Mrs. Gottrocks Diamond Award (M)
Mullein Award for Nature (M)
Music Award of Excellence (M)
The "Nellie" Awards (M)
Niblett's Award for Golf Web (M)
Okie Gold Award (M)
Outstanding Science Site Award (M)
The Owners Rights Award (M)
The Paradigm Award (M)
Pink Champagne Award (M)
The QuizQueen's Trivia Fix (M)
Rankin!'s Lib-Leader Award (M)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Award (M)
Rin's Award for Contribution
The Show Awards (M)
Spreading Agape' Award (M)
Starbase 133 LCARS Net award
Stellar Link Award (M)
Temple of Dawn Rose Award (M)
Tribute to Pets Award (M)
Tourism Promote Award (M)
The Ultimate Emulation Award (M)
Web Knight Award (M)
The Web Site Excellence Award (M)
WebSite101 A+ Award (M)
Website Integrity Award (M)
Weekly Gazette A Content Award (M)
Westerwald-Award (M)
Wirthit's Award Of Excellence (M)
World Girl Website Award (M)

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