Here are what some users have said about the site (with my pithy commentary in italics) Their opinions are somewhat biased as these are all people who've actually contributed towards supporting the site, which means that either (a) they really liked it or (b) the subliminal mind-control jpegs worked well. To understand the cryptic references to Bill Gates, visit the Be Supportive! page.

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Believe it or not, 11.13% of the people who use support the site!
This is my second contribution and you well deserve even more.

After nearly 17 years as classified adv. mgr of a daily newspaper I thought I had seen all of the con games (which I refused to run) Now in less than a year on the internet I have discovered that I really didnt see many in the newspaper business possibly because all are on the internet.

You are to be highly commended for your integrity, character and the months of hard work you have put into your site. I think it is the most honest, reasonably priced of anything on the internet.
-- This recommendation is typical of the ones I don't put on this page because nobody would believe them!

Your site has been so helpful that I feel guilty having only been able to pay $25.00 so... here is another $25 (ya know I need to try this guilt thing on my page...)
-- What a sterling example this fine, upstanding woman sets! (grin)

Finally....a promotion service that makes sense, gets the job done, doesn't claim to perform miracles, and is pleasant and even amusing. :-) And free! I'll gladly contribute 20 bucks for your wonderful service.
-- I like the way this woman thinks... "It's free... so I'll send him money!"

I have been online for years and this is probably the most functional, useful and well designed site I have ever found. It's a blessing for registering a lot of similar pages quickly. The copy records feature is wonderful and it's also great for keeping track etc.
-- Aw, thanks mom!

Just to let you know how great Self Promotion is, it is the first time I have EVER paid for anything on the Internet.

Thanks again! This is probably the most helpful site to webmasters I've ever come across.

Great job on this site! It works great for original and re-submissions, and delivers more accurate results than many other so-called "promotion" companies.

Outstanding job! The best submision site I have been to, and I've been to several. In the first week I have already had as many visitors to my page as I have had in the last 3 months. Incrediable feed back.

Deserves a gig'a gig of praise! I've been happily utilizing it to submit a piece of work I did for a client & I couldn't begin to tell you how impressed I am [I have, after all, gone thru the 'submission horrors' elsewhere in the past & was on the verge of telling this client that she'd be *happiest* if she spared me and used a *pay for* service... then I found you!

Great service, if I make money on my site, I'll try to donate more next time around.
-- sigh... everyone knows you can't make money on the web!

Congrats on doing this on a Mac, excellent job!

The web is huge and I've certainly traversed only a fragment. However, to date, you have the best web promotion site I've found. Keep up the great work and I plan to use your excellent resources to the fullest!

Good service! Saw the endorsement on Dave Winer's site.

Found this from scripting news. Cool as Dave Winer would say.

Hey, anybody that labels a button "energize" should get $10 even if the site does nothing else! I found out about you from DaveNet, BTW
-- what a good idea for a new site!

Great service, great that all was made on a mac.

Anxious to try the Rankulator and Espionage.

Good service!!!

I found your site through Apple's site. I like it so far, you are doing a good job.

Just started my business in December and need all of the help I can get. $10 is a reasonable sum as my funds are very limited.
-- You can't fool me, I know it's you, Bill!

Nice service - this takes all the legwork out of promo...

This place is awesome!

I don't have credit card so tell me what are the other ways to remit you the money.
-- cash, cheque, really decent t-shirts...

This is the best meta-promotion site I've seen. Good work.

I have enjoyed promoting my site using self promotion and have had quite a few more hits, but would still like to get more tips on promoting my site.
-- try the Links of Interest page.

Your generosity, honesty and intelligence make you a great and refreshing asset not only as a web resource but as a man! Thanks not only for what you do but who you are!
-- If I wasn't happily married, and you were a woman...

Looks like a cool service...sign me up for the minimum to keep my settings and I'll probably pay more as I see some results!

Well, we'll start you with $25 and see how successful our submissions are...heh, heh, heh! BTW "SiteSeek" seems to be D.O.A.... Otherwise, relatively painless!
-- If I'd known how much time it would take to keep this thing running, I'd have stayed in bed!

Your site is good. Feel free to come to our site any time and make a purchase :)
-- let me guess, you want your $10.00 back...

Gosh! What a gorgeous site and what a cool thing you're doing. ... Just a beautiful blend or programming and interface design. Wow! Wish I could send more money... alas, I'm a starving writer. The good news is, I'm a starving high tech writer (among other things) so will be telling lots of people about your great service.
-- get Bill to pony up the bucks and I'll cut you in for 5%

Keep up the good work and best of luck in worming some money out of Bill Gates!
-- same deal for you, fella

Great site! I want to make this standard service for the folks I build websites for.

As a novice to the Web I just want to say this site has really made it easy for me to input information. Thanks very much.

You provide a very useful service - thank you.

I have used your services over the past week or so, and think you have a good thing going here.

Great service and I hope to use it more and pay more too!

Thank you so much for your help! You are really a generous being to provide this service and a programming genius of the highest order!
-- If I wasn't married, and you were a woman... wait a sec, you are a woman! Alas, I'm still happily married. Oh well...

I love your honesty
-- and if you can fake that, you've got it made!

You should really be impressed you're getting money out of me. I NEVER pay for ANYTHING, but I am THAT impressed with your site. Keep up the good work. Or I'll kill you.
-- I reprogrammed Tooter to always do his promotions first...

Excellent web site, I am very impressed.
-- Excellent contribution, I was impressed too!

Thanks, Robert, I look forward to working with this service and sending others to you.

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