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Make Money Slow!

Want to help other people learn about and make money at the same time? Put the button on your page, and if someone clicks through and supports the site, I'll give you 10% of what they give me. Not only that, but if you recruit other partners, you'll receive commissions on the contributions they generate, up to 4 levels deep.

Also, if you belong to a mailing list, and mentioning would be appropriate for the list, please do so. Include the special URL (see below) in your email, so that people who click through get credited to you.
Please be very cautious in doing this, and only mention on mailing lists where it would be truly appropriate. And don't mention it because you hope to make some spare change, do it because you really think the site is useful. In the interests of disclosure, you should mention your financial interest if you use the special URL instead of plain old ""

Please be aware that if I get complaints that a partner has been spamming or engaging in other obnoxious behavior in order to generate partner program income, I will disable the partner account and all the income generated will be forfeit. Such obnoxious behavior is absolutely contrary to the philosophy of this site, and will not be tolerated. So far I have never had to do this, which says a lot about my users (great people, all of them!)

How it works

The link you use to connect to my site has a special URL that lets me know who gets credit when someone supports the site. You get 10% of what they give me.

Once a quarter, I total everything up, and send you a check if the amount that has accrued is more than $25.00. Even better, every time I this happens, I also extend your account subscription for another year! And, unlike some affiliate programs that leave you hanging if you don't make the minimum about, at the end of each year, no matter what, even if you've only earned a penny, I send it to you.

Not only that, but if you convince other people to join the partner program, you'll get additional income based on the contributions they generate - and this goes 4 levels deep!
For example, if Fred joins the partner program, he gets 10% of whatever his referrals generate. And if Fred gets Barney to join the partner program, he also gets 2.5% of whatever Barney's referrals generate. Then if Barney recruits Betty, Fred gets 1.5% of whatever Betty generates. And finally, if Betty recruits Wilma, Fred gets 1.0% of anything Wilma generates.

Am I a nice guy, or what?! Here's what you do:

So, for example, the code might be as follows (if there is a big gap and you need to scroll vertically to read it, this is intended, so that it doesn't display on top of the navigation palettes to the right!)

<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="http://yourserveryourdir/BUTTON.GIF" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 HSPACE=4>
</A> If you have a website, you absolutely have to check out this
amazing, wonderful, incredible resource.  You can use it for free to
register your site with all the important search engines and indexes,
and THEN decide if and how much you want to pay to support the service.
It's great -- so great that even a notorious cheapskate like me gave
them some money!<BR>

Needless to say, you have to edit the URL of the IMG tag so that it references the copy of the button on your server!

PS: for my Macintosh friends, here is a special version of the button that mentions the site is mac-based.

How to recruit partners

Recruiting partners is easy. Just send them to the site using the URL above; if they sign up for the partner program, or create an account and then sign up later, they count as one of your recruits. In addition, you can simply send them to this page using a special url that contains your partner account code. Guess what? It's almost identical to the link for sending people to the site. You'd use URL(s) like:

Obviously, you'd change to your email address.

The only difference is that instead of you use

The all important "Where to send the money" Form! Note: If you already have a Partner Program account, and want to change your information, then for security purposes, please
email the changes to me and I will update your account.

Your account name:

Your email address:

Pay to the Order of:

Street Address:


State, Province, Prefecture, etc:

Zip or Postal Code:


Phone Number (optional):

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