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Promoting your site with is only your first step in proper web promotion. There are many sites that can help you improve your web presence. Here are a few of the ones I've found useful - Feel free to email me suggested new sites! All of these sites are great, but the first couple of sites in each category are those that I particularly endorse.


Web Promotion Help
These sites help you keep on top of the latest promotion techniques.

Search Engine Watch
This site gives you the skinny on how all the search engines work, and how to do better when submitting to them! A real gem, I cannot recommend it highly enough. There is also a special private section of the website for subscribers ($69 a year) that is well worth the price if you are serious about site promotion. I finally broke down and forked over the bucks, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier. I learned a couple of tricks in the first 10 minutes of browsing that will pay it back 10-fold. Next to (heh heh) this is the best deal on the net when it comes to site promotion.
Laisha's Search Engine Tips
Excellent no-nonsense summaries of how to properly submit to all the major indexes, and how to get good rankings. Well written and highly recommended.
Mall-Net Search Engine Keyword Report
This is a great site that gives you tons of up-to-date info on what keywords are being searched for. By far the best keyword resource I've ever seen; it helps you determine what keywords and keyphrases you ought to be targeting. Lots of free info, and they do special reports for a fee. Be prepared to spend time reading on this site, as it is very dense with information. Don't be put off by the cluttered pages. This is a gold mine -- but you have to dig for the gold!
The Informed Netizen's Choice
If it's a decent Net Resource related to finding stuff, it's listed on Karl Heinz Resch's pages. I get a lot of traffic from this site, which indicates that people like it. Check it out.
Advice from Bruce Clay
Bruce does web promotion for a living, and his step-by-step instructions on how to go about the job are excellent. Well worth reading.
VirtualPromote is one of my favorite sites, and a great starting place for finding resources.
A real gem of a site, with tons of articles about web-promotion - and a newsletter too. These guys are giving VirtualPromote a run for their money.
Fast becoming a great place to find webmaster and promotion resources; new content all the time.
A great resource that lists just about every media website in the world! A wonderful place to look to find publications, radio stations, etc., that might be receptive to your press release.
Four Corners Effective Banners
A wonderful web-promotion resource. Lets you see which banners on LinkExchange are the most effective. Now has a neat newsletter too!
The PR2 Free Website Promotion Course
An excellent place to learn how to promote your website. Plenty of links to other resources.
Jayde InternetDay Newsletter
Jayde is a great index, and they have an excellent daily email newsletter. Check out both.
Webmaster T's World of Design
Wonderful resource about Website design, construction and promotion.
Great site with links to hundreds of other website resources.
Focus Associates
This site has tons of databases of things like award sites, etc. A great resource.
Power Submit
Lets you submit to hundreds of Free Links Pages.
Internet Resources for Online Promotions
Tons of categorized links to tutorials, lists of sites, and more.
A wonderful high-end resource for website promotion and advertising. If you are running a serious website, you'll find lots of meat to chew on here.
A great resource for people who are serious about internet marketing and online commerce. Not for amateurs!
A great index of places to submit your URL. Has a particularly good listing of regional and international indexes.
Gebbie, Inc.
Gebbie, Inc compiles databases of contacts at newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations, and other media outlets. A lot of these contacts are on their website, free for your use. You can also purchase them on diskette, for printing mailing labels, emailing, etc. If you want to send out a press release, this is a great resource.
An excellent resource about basic site promotion, with tons of links to sites that help you with search engine positioning.
Free Search Engine Secrets
A concise primer on submitting to search engines and getting a decent ranking. I don't agree with everything he says (in particular, he recommends manual submission to the major search engines like AltaVista), but the no-nonsense style and advice is well worth reading. He must know something; he got me to give him a link!
A search engine position monitor service. It does a job very similar to the Rankulator but displays the results in a neat graphic format, and lets you see at a glance how your ranking has changed on a day-by-day basis. Overkill for most people, but if you REALLY need to monitor your position on a daily basis, you should check it out.
WebDevelopers Journal
An excellent online magazine for developers. Very broad list of topics. Highly recommended.

Banners and Advertising
One of the best ways to promote your site is to trade advertising banners. Here are some sites that arrange it or that sell ads.
GoTo has an interesting twist. You can purchase, for a few cents per clickthrough, top position on their search returns for particular keywords. I find this very useful because it helps you quickly and easily find out which keywords are the most valuable ones for your site, and that lets you concentrate on those keywords with the other search engines.

Furthermore, the quality of their clickthroughs is high. My personal experience with has been VERY positive. Every $1 I spend with them ends up generating $30-50 of contributions.

GoTo also has lots of resources that help you find good keywords to target.
For every 2 SmartClicks banners you display, they display one of yours on someone else's site. A nice feature is that it tracks what type of sites work best for your banners, and optimizes your banner presentations for best results. In my opinion, the best banner exchange on the web, which is why I use them.
LinkExchange is bigger than SmartClicks, and lets you specify both the types of sites you advertise on, and the types of sites allowed to advertise on your site. Unfortunately, they don't yet have the auto-targeting features SmartClicks provides.
TrafficX is a new banner exchange network with an interesting twist - instead of exchanging banners, they exchange clickthroughs. They also run a button exchange.
LinkShare is an exchange that specializes in pay-per-transaction advertising. I am currently experimenting with their service, and it seems well run. If you click through and create an account, they'll pay me $0.25 for the referral.

Webmaster Resources
Sites containing resources of use to Webmasters.

Affiliate Programs Directory
Searchable list of affiliate programs.
A great, though weirdly named, resource for webmasters. Tons of tips on site design, cgis, and so on, presented with with almost as much style and wit (and more humility) as this site!
Useful index that specializes in webmaster resources. Well laid-out.
An excellent site that lists just about every place on the net you can get a free email address, plus lots of email-related information.
A great free HTML and link verifier. Highly recommended.
Contains, amoungst other cool things, an excellent HTML for Beginners tutorial.
Developer's Directory
Searchable index of web developers.
Hilarious advice on how NOT to design websites. Totally weird! Check it out!
Free Center
A seriously cool site, Free Center is a great index of free resources for Webmasters. Hosting, Email, Chat rooms, CGIs, Contests, Counters, Fonts, JavaScript -- you name it, if it's free, it's listed here!
A great resource. Will design and generate the HTML code for a feedback form for you. You don't need to worry about CGIs or anything.
An excellent index of free web resources.
Another excellent index of free web resources, very nicely laid out.
if you are looking for webhosting, this is an excellent place to start.
HTML Goodies
An excellent resource; tons of tips on writing good HTML!
Nicely done index of Webmaster resources, cgi scripts, etc.
A very useful site that helps you find a good Internet Service Provider in your area.
Useful place to find that logo (like VISA/MC logos) or clip art that you've been looking for.
A very cleanly designed web-based newsgroup reading service. Has a java-based reader as well. The interface is very simple and looks great!
WebCrawler's Robots Pages
Interesting pages on Web Robots, how they work, how to identify them, and how to create a proper "robots.txt" file, which allows you to control how Search Engines index your site. Must reading before creating such a file.

PS: never create a blank robots.txt file; some Search Engines think this means "don't index me!"
Webmaster Resources
A huge compendium of links to just about every resource of use to Webmasters. Well done, easy to use site.
A great database of just about every company offering web hosting, with a powerful search system.
Run by the people who run AskJeeves, this is an excellent compendium of web resources. Go check it out.
Another great and drop-dead-funny site that tells you how not build great websites!
Uproar lets you add trivia games to your website via their special Java applet. They pay you for each new player you bring them, and make money by selling advertising that is displayed during the game.

Useful Tools
Software that you might find useful.

Classic Clipboard
A free utility that greatly improves the Windows clipboard. Like, you can pay for it if you want to.

Net Utilities
A new section devoted to cool internet tools I've found

VisualRoute Server
A cool java-based graphical traceroute utility that's absolutely great. Check it out!

Specialty Search Engine Lists
Sites that contain good lists of specialty search engines, indexes and/or awards. Know one? Let me know!
Excellent list of major, regional, and specialty search engines.
Another excellent list of major, regional, and specialty search engines!
LinkExchange Directoryguide
Very nice database of 400 special-purpose indexes.
WebSearch Guide @ the Mining Company
The WebSearch Guide at the Mining Company is a truly excellent resource for specialty indexes.
Search Power!
A new index of specialty search engines. Good place to find search engines that specialize in your particular type of site.
Nice site with good search engine lists, lots of tips and advice as well.

Other Stuff
Sites I think are cool enough to mention

Wood That Works
You've got to see these amazing kinetic sculptures in action to truly appreciate their beauty and charming design. I've had one for many years; if you've got a wall and want something cool to put on it, this is the thing!
Frugal Fun
A wonderful resource full of tips on saving your business money and low-cost marketing. The author obviously enjoys his work, and it shows. I found the site very useful -- and the tips are worthwhile for both virtual (net) and real-world businesses.
Way cool -- a search engine that specializes in finding out about pages that are about YOU! Much, much fun.
The Internet Sleuth
iSleuth is a wonderful meta-index, listing hundreds of specialized indexes and search engines. In addition, the listings contain search forms linked to the other sites, so it's a great place to start when searching for something.
JaegerArt Postcards
A awards site has a nifty tool for sending out truly lovely net-postcards. These truly are works of art.
A cute hack that makes it easy to quickly search all the major search engines from one form. VERY useful!
The Onion
A truly demented, often inspired, weekly parody of the news.
The Silly Foundation
A Non-Prophet Organization dedicated to finding a cure for the terminally serious!

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