Can it be true?! Robert endorsing a Marketing Course?! Isn't that one of the warning signs of the Apocalypse?!

As you might imagine after roaming around my site, I'm extremely skeptical of a lot of the Internet Marketing hype (and in fact, that skepticism was one of the major reasons I built this site in the first place).

I get a fair number of inquiries from Internet Promoters who want to advertise their latest scheme on the site. Most of them are laughable. Most of the rest I won't even sell advertising to!

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Believe it or not, 11.13% of the people who use support the site!
But there are two courses that I feel are very worthwhile, and that I endorse. Everyone who wants to sell stuff on the web needs to read one or both of them. These are the Internet Marketing Center's "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" and Make Your Site Sell.

The IMC Insider Secrets Course

Given my skepticism, you can imagine that when I got cold-called by "Steve" at the "Internet Marketing Center", I was extremely dubious. Another hype-artist with a course on how to make millions. Lucky me.

Steve wanted me to promote the IMC Course, "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" on the site. He went on in detail about how wonderful the course was, how it was full of good tips and practical advice...

Yadda... Yadda... Yadda...

Having decided that Steve had wasted enough of my time, I decided to hit him with my "stopper" question, which usually terminates these conversations.

"Tell you what, Steve," I said, "if the course is that good, send me a copy for review, and if I like it, I'll join your affiliate program."

I expected the next thing I'd hear was Steve hanging up, but to my surprise, he said he'd do just that. And two days later, it arrived via Fed Ex. Two very big binders, some floppies, and an audio tape.

"Damn," I thought, "Now I actually have to look at the silly thing. Oh well, I do need something to read in the bathroom. And if I run out of TP, it may come in handy..."

And you know what? It's a pretty good course! I'm allegedly no slouch when it comes to things internet-related, but I found quite a few tips and insights in the course that I've been able to apply to If I had bought the course, I would have gotten my money's worth. I'm pretty sure that anyone else who buys it will also.

Please be aware that the IMC also markets a variety of other services, such as long domain names and credit card processors. I do not endorse these other products.

Make Your Site Sell

Make Your Site Sell (MYSS) is a book by Ken Evoy, a Canadian physician-turned-web-marketer. It's available only as an online e-book. Ken also has a number of other e-publications you might find useful.

Like the IMC folks, I got cold-emailed by Ken's staff, and they passed the "stopper" question and sent me a copy of the book -- which is huge, around 800 pages. It's well laid out and chock full of great suggestions, examples, and descriptions of things not to do.

MYSS covers a lot of the same ground as the IMC course, but IMHO concentrates more on the process of building your website and your sales copy. It's written in a very personal style (much like the way I write on my website), and in very great depth.

I'd say that the difference between the IMC course and MYSS is that the IMC course comes from the perspective of traditional "mail" marketing and shows how to adapt those principles to the internet, whereas MYSS feels like it comes from a more web-based starting point. It's a hard difference to explain, but the IMC approach is a little bit more oriented towards the hard-sell than MYSS.

So which should I buy?

Both these courses are good. If you're serious about selling on the web, you should read both of them. However, if you have to order only one, get Make Your Site Sell. It covers all the basics, it's very comprehensive, and it's very modestly priced (about $20US at the time of this writing).

The Internet Marketing Center's "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" is considerably more expensive than MYSS, so my advice is this: get MYSS first, use it to tweak your sales effort, and then, after you're successful and making some money, use some of your profits to get the IMC course as well - it will serve as an excellent refresher course, and the different perspective will be useful to you.

Both of these courses offer 100% no-strings-attached money-back guarantees (just like I do, it's one thing I learned from them), so there's no real risk.

One final note: Both courses pay a commission to me each time one of you buys something based on my endorsement. All of this money will be donated to my favorite charity, The Salvation Army, which is one of the most efficient charities around.

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