Glossary of Website Promotion terms

In every walk of life, peculiar jargon abounds. The internet is no exception, and so here is a glossary of useful terms (under construction!)
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To give you a taste of how cool the Secret Net Tools are (you have to contribute to get access to all of them), I've enabled your access to several of the simpler ones. Enjoy!

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Add URL Page
The generic term for the page on a search engine or index that lets you add your URL to the site. URL Submission services basically go to these pages and do the typing for you.

Many people around the net grant awards to worthy sites, and one of the things you can do here (if you're a contributor) is apply for them. I've won quite a few.

Category Autosetter
A convenience feature during data entry. You enter a bunch of keywords and other relevant information about your site into a form, and then some cute JavaScript checks the entire data entry form, (all its pulldown menus, etc) for any entries that match anything you've typed in, and gives you the option of selecting them. It makes it really easy to fill out the form.

More or less, what you want more of. When someone clicks on your entry in an index, or on one of your banner ads, and gets sent to your site, that's a clickthrough.

A program or sub-program that does things on a regular basis without being told to do it each time. For example, your email program might check for new mail every 10 minutes; it has a daemon that does this.

Doorway Page
A small web page that is optimized to rank highly on search engines for a single keyword. It contains a link to your actual site. Many search engines frown upon these pages and consider them to be spam. A similar and acceptable tactic is to build pages devoted to a specific topic that have real content.

Free-For-All Links Pages
Simple indexes of sites organized into a few categories. As new sites are added to a FFA page, the oldest ones are deleted. Thus, your submission to one might only actually be there a few hours! Most of the sites touted by the "Submit your site to 500 indexes" guys are FFA pages. My personal experience is that FFA pages are so heavily spammed by submit services that the only people who ever look at them are people bored out of their minds, and thus the quality of the clickthroughs you get from them are terrible. In other words, they are a waste of time from a promotional standpoint.

Gateway Page
See Doorway Page

A site that maintains a categorical index of websites. You submit your URL and a description to them. The most popular one is Yahoo.

Manual Submission Sites
Some sites request that you visit them in person to submit your URL. In such cases, I provide links to the appropriate pages on those sites.

A record contains all the information you've entered about a particular URL you are promoting, as well as the status of any promotions you've done. You can have more than one in your account.

An acronym for "Read The Flipping Manual." What you should do before emailing me with a question!

Search Engine
A site that uses a Spider to roam the web looking for web pages. It catalogs the pages and lets you search the database. Examples include Altavista, Excite, Hotbot and Lycos.

Submission Services
Sites that submit your URL and site information to many different indexes and search engines. This one is the best, of course!

The name of the cute little submission daemon that goes around the net submitting your URL to all the different sites. It toots your horn for you.

Uniform Resource Locator - the address of a page on the internet. One of the most common errors people make when entering URLs is omitting trailing slashes (/). If your URL does not end in a FILE NAME, it should end in a slash. Thus, "" is not a valid URL, nor is "". Most browsers will fix these URLs for you, but some search engines will not. So enter your URLs carefully!

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