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If you represent a search engine, index, or awards site that would like to receive automatic submissions from, here is how to go about it.
Note: This form is not used to promote your site! If you want to do that, read the help to learn how!
Indexes and Search Engines:

My primary criteria for adding a site to the list of indexes and search engines that Tooter can submit to are as follows: If you believe your site qualifies, please email me with the following information: I am particularly interested in non-North American indexes and engines, as I wish to improve coverage of these sites.


I'm only interested in real awards that have real criteria for winning. If you give your award away to everyone who asks, I'm not interested. Also, awards based on voting, where the applicant must add a link to your site, are not eligible; your award must be given based on your review of the applicant's site. Secondary criteria are the design of your site, the coolness of your award icon, and how tough the award is to win.

If you think your award qualifies, please fill out the following form. Please note that I am only adding awards that can be applied with via an email address.
Your Email Address :
Name of award :
URL of award site :
Email address of reviewer (if award) :
or URL of application page (if index/search engine) :

(Life is much easier for me if I can just email award applications.
I add such awards a lot faster, and you get more info!)

For some reason, a lot of people enter the URL of their
award GIF here - please don't! Either an email address,
or a page URL please!

Let me put it another way - If you use a form to let people
apply for your award, and that form just mails applications to you,
then unless you need more information than the site name, url,
email address of applicant and a description of the site, just
enter your email address above!
Description of award :
Restrictions and/or :
comments :

(If this is a modification
request, please say so!)
Type of award : Cool/Hot site of the Day/Week/etc. award
Just incredibly great site award
Excellence in HTML award
Excellence in Design award
Excellence in Graphics award
Resource award
Business site award
Homepage (personal) award
Kid-related award
Just plain fun award
Weird site award (their site, not yours!)
Award with special requirements
Award information page (awards list)
None of the above!
All sites are visited by staff and rated before being allowed to apply for awards. You can specify the qualities that your award requires in two ways - a set of qualities that the site MUST have, and a set of qualities that the site must have at least a certain number of.
Qualities that :
must be present :
Just plain weird
Fast Loading
Technically neat
Solid HTML
Excellent Content
Good Page Design
Good Graphics
Personal site
Commercial site
Educational site
Web Resource
Plus, at least :
of these must :
also be present :
Just plain weird
Fast Loading
Technically neat
Solid HTML
Excellent Content
Good Page Design
Good Graphics
Personal site
Commercial site
Educational site
Web Resource

Please note: It may take me 2-3 weeks to actually get around to adding your site or award. Your patience is appreciated!

Important Note

I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd add my little button to your awards or addurl page, so that other people can find this site. Simply copy the button from this page and add it to your page.

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The HTML to install the button would look something like this:
<A HREF="">

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