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What I did while I was hiding in my bunker during Y2K

Page History:
2/13/00: Posted results of scanning all words in my dictionary that end in org, net or com, and seeing if their composite (ie: was available.

2/09/00: Posted results of scanning all the possible 3-character .org domain names.

2/06/00: Posted results of scanning all the possible 3-character .net domain names.

1/31/00: Added search & reserve domain name forms for several registration services. Added results of a search from a phrase dictionary.

1/30/00: Expanded the word domain search results to include the results of scanning a larger, 276,425 word dictionary!

1/17/00: Added comprehensive listing of all the < 6 letter words that are available with i, e, web or net prefixes.

1/13/00: Completed and posted an exhaustive search of 128989 words (including the complete Webster's 1905 dictionary!), which found 56419 available domain names!

1/06/00: Initial posting, complete with check of 3-character domains and about 50,000 dictionary words.

I sort of have a tradition of doing unusual things over the holiday season, if I have no "real" work to do. In fact, this site, (which, for the benefit of those surfing in from outside links, is a shareservice URL registration tool; check out the links to the right to learn more about it) got its start over the 1997-98 holiday season.

This year's project was particularly fun. I decided to ask the question, "what small and/or good .com domain names are still available?"

To answer this, I wrote a simple program in WebSiphon, a really cool Mac-based server-side scripting language, to check out domain names. It did this by first asking DNS if there was DNS information available for a particular domain name. If there wasn't, it then queried WhoIs to find out if the name was registered (but not yet actively in use).

I then gave it all the possible 2-character (each character can be any letter or digit, so there are 36x36 or 1296 of them), 3-character domain names (each character can be any letter or digit, and the 2nd character can also be a -, so there are 36x37x36 or 47952 of these), as well as a huge list of words (the linux.words dictionary, a unix.words dictionary, and, courtesy of the Gutenberg Project, the entire 1905 Websters Unabridged dictionary!), and set it to work. Of course, when doing a project like this, it is important to be polite to your sources of data, so I took care that the program wouldn't flood DNS and the Network Solutions WhoIs server with requests. All in all, the program spent a couple of weeks generating the results. I'm currently running variant searches to find more interesting domain names, so check back here every so often.

Subsequently, I took all the < 6 letter words from the above list, prefixed them with i, e, web and net, and ran a check. This produced a very interesting set of lists.

If you know of a good word list you'd like me to run, please email me. And if you register one of these domain names and later go public, raizing bazillions, you ought to cut me in on some of the stock before the IPO.

Robert "Trebor the Mad Overlord" Woodhead

And now, without further ado, here are the results!

Registration Services:

If you find a domain name you like, you might want to register it immediately. For your convenience, I've created search & reserve forms for several internet domain name registration services, along with information about their fees. Most of these services will pay me a commission if you use them; this money is donated to the Salvation Army (my favorite efficient charity). Please note that the listing of a registration service in this tool is for your convenience only; it does not constitute an endorsement by me. In order to not play favorites, the registrars are listed in random order.

Also, please note that different registrars have different policies about legal issues regarding domain name ownership, and some of them, in particular those of Network Solutions, are quite restrictive. A good source of information about the cost, reliability and contract restrictions of major domain name registrars can be found at

Registrar Search Form Fees (1st 2 years) | Salvation Army gets
$70.00 | $0.00
$54.00 | $10.00
$55.00 | $10.00
$50.00 | $5.00
$70.00 | $5.80
$30.00 | $0.00
$29.90 | $2.99
$30.00 | $4.00

2- and 3-character .com domain names:

All of the 2-character domain names are gone (as one might expect). Of the 47952 possible 3-character .com domain names, 14047 are still available. However, none of the three letter acronym (ie: or three digit (ie: domain names are available, and only one letter dash letter domain ( remained untaken. However, it got grabbed (on 12/29/199) right after I found it. 2167 letter-letter-number domains are still available. You can find the complete list here.

2- and 3-character .net domain names:

All the 2 character .net domains are in use. Of the 47952 possible 3-character .net domain names, 16767 are still available. 635 3-letter domains names are available, as are 71 letter-dash-letter domain names, but no 3-digit domain names are left. I've sorted and broken down the results in a number of ways:

3-letter (no digits), letter-dash-letter, consonant-vowel-consonant, consonant-vowel-vowel, consonant-consonant-consonant, consonant-consonant-vowel, vowel-vowel-consonant, vowel-consonant-vowel, vowel-consonant-consonant, other letter & number combinations, and the complete list.

2- and 3-character .org domain names:

All the 2 character .org domains are in use. Of the 47952 possible 3-character .org domain names, 27412 are still available. 758 3-letter domains names are available, as are 417 letter-dash-letter domain names and 39 3-digit domain names. I've sorted and broken down the results in a number of ways:

3-letter (no digits), 3-digit (no letters), letter-dash-letter, consonant-vowel-consonant, consonant-vowel-vowel, consonant-consonant-consonant, consonant-consonant-vowel, vowel-vowel-vowel, vowel-vowel-consonant, vowel-consonant-vowel, vowel-consonant-consonant, other letter & number combinations, and the complete list.

Word domain names:

Of the 276,425 dictionary words I've checked so far, 181222 are still available! While almost all of them are obscure (, a brief perusal finds that there are some cool names to grab, such as (maybe it could document Windows?),,,,, and (how did the porn-site guys miss them?), and! And someone ought to grab before some idiot neo-nazi does.

To keep this page small, at the bottom of the page I list all the 4 and 5 letter words which are still available as .com domain names (as of January, 2000, of course). I've also sorted and broken down the results by length and alphabetically:

By length :  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 and 31 letter words (there were no 28 letter words found). Note that some of the longer words are actually multi-word entries in the Webster's dictionary that were compressed when I extracted them (thus, for example, "", which is, by the way, available!).

By character :  3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y and z.

Also Available :  The complete list of words found (2mb) and the dictionary I used (2.7mb). Please note that these are huge files, so you may want to download them to disk rather than ask your browser to display them!

Phrase domain names:

Having been sent a dictionary of 76,205 phrases and hyphenated words by an interested reader of this page, I ran them through and found 65,203 were available.

By length :  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 letters.

By character :  a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y and z.

Also Available :  The complete list of phrases found (832k) and the dictionary I used (992k). Please note that these are huge files, so you may want to download them to disk rather than ask your browser to display them!


Taking all the < 6 letter words found in the earlier 128,989 word dictionary, I prefixed them with i, e, web and net, to find good names for e-businesses. You can view the list several ways:

The complete list,

the words that had 1, 2, 3, or all 4 prefixes available,

as well as available domains that were 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 characters long.

Composite domain names:

Using my dictionary, I generated a list of the 210 words that end in com, org or net. I then checked to see if a composite domain name was available for them, and found these (someone already has, alas!):                          
The 4 and 5 letter word-based domain names:

Should you think that some of the words I checked couldn't possible be words (and trust me, when I saw some of them, I couldn't believe they were words myself!), then a good place to look up their meanings is A lot of them are from middle-English.
4-letter domain names:
32nd    adaw    eruc    heuk    moul    pooa    sidy    untz
54th    ahet    fehm    izle    moun    pory    sish    urde
55th    ahum    feod    jaob    munj    poup    skag    utum
62nd    arui    firk    jauk    myxo    powp    skel    vehm
64th    atik    fozy    jaup    nosu    prie    skue    wafd
71st    ayle    fuar    jeat    ocht    pyet    smew    waup
72nd    azym    gaet    jert    ogor    pyic    snaw    wirr
73rd    bija    gley    jocu    ogpu    pyin    sors    wusp
81st    bikh    glor    joug    oker    quar    soun    wype
83rd    boun    goar    jowl    omao    quei    spak    yade
85th    burh    gome    jozy    ooid    rhob    stum    yawd
86th    byth    guao    junt    oozy    roun    stut    yede
87th    coof    guhr    kahu    oxea    ruer    sudd    yeel
89th    curn    gult    kilp    paip    ruly    swom    yere
92th    cuvy    guly    kulm    paup    ryal    syrt
93th    daut    guze    lawk    peag    scye    tanh
95th    dult    gwag    lerp    penk    seyh    tead
96th    dyce    haaf    lurg    pese    shog    tiar
97th    eely    hade    miry    pily    shug    turm
99th    emim    herl    moha    poak    sich    undy
5-letter domain names:
aalii   cafiz   feuar   isawa   musgu   rebed   spiss   unlid
abaff   cagit   feued   isiac   musie   rebeg   spoky   unlie
abave   cagot   fewel   ismal   mutic   rebud   spole   unmew
abdat   cahiz   feyne   itcze   myoid   reccy   sposh   unnew
aberr   cahot   feyre   itemy   myops   redia   spret   unnun
abhal   cahow   fiard   ither   mysel   redry   sprew   unoil
abkar   calid   fidac   iulus   nabak   redub   sprug   unorn
ablow   calmy   fifie   ixtil   nacry   redye   spuke   unown
abmho   canch   fikie   ixtle   nadde   reefy   spume   unpay
abray   capot   fingu   izedi   naght   reesk   spumy   unpen
abrim   carua   firca   izote   naily   reest   spung   unpot
abrin   carya   flaff   iztle   nairy   refar   sputa   unput
abuta   catha   flain   jabia   nakir   refel   spute   unram
acapu   catso   flamb   jabul   nanga   refut   squin   unray
acedy   cauch   flary   jagir   narre   regga   squir   unred
achor   cauda   flawn   jakie   narwe   rehoe   squit   unrid
acrab   cauld   flawy   japer   nasch   rekne   staia   unrig
acroa   cauma   flaxy   japyx   nasua   relot   stail   unrip
adact   cavae   fleak   jarvy   natos   remue   staio   unrow
adead   cavie   fleay   jatki   naumk   renky   staup   unrra
adjag   cavus   fleme   jatni   naunt   reoil   stawn   unrun
adlay   cazic   flews   jayet   navew   reown   steid   unsay
adoxy   cebid   floey   jazel   neeze   repeg   steik   unsee
adpao   cebur   flosh   jears   neife   repen   stend   unset
adrip   cedry   flowk   jebus   nejdi   repew   stept   unsew
adrue   ceint   flued   jeery   nempt   repic   stere   unsin
adunc   ceorl   fluey   jehup   nenia   reree   stife   unsly
adure   cequi   flurn   jerib   neoza   rerig   stimy   unson
adusk   cerci   flusk   jhool   neper   rerob   stion   unsty
adzer   cerer   flype   jiboa   nerre   rerow   stirp   untin
aequi   cetid   fnese   jiqui   neume   rerub   stite   unurn
afara   chaft   foaly   jirga   nevew   resee   stive   unuse
afoam   chapt   fodda   jitro   nevoy   resew   stivy   unwan
afofl   chare   fogon   jocum   ngapi   resow   stoep   unwax
afret   chaui   fogou   jokul   ngina   resty   stond   unwet
agamy   chauk   fogus   jolif   ngoko   resue   stont   unwig
agaty   chaun   foldy   jolty   nidge   resup   stook   unwit
agaze   chawl   folwe   jougs   niepa   retan   stoot   uparm
aggri   cheir   fomes   jowel   nific   rethe   stote   upcry
aggry   cheke   fonge   jowpy   nifle   retin   stoun   upcut
aggur   cheki   fonly   jubbe   nigre   retip   stoup   updry
aghan   chich   fosie   jufti   nigua   reume   strae   upeat
agiel   chimb   fotal   jugal   nilot   rewed   strig   upget
agist   chirm   fotch   juger   nimbi   rewet   strop   uphaf
agoge   choak   fotor   juise   ninut   rewle   strue   upher
agoho   choel   fotui   julid   niopo   rewme   struv   upjet
agrah   choup   foute   julus   niota   rewth   stubb   upleg
agral   chout   fouth   jurel   nisey   rexen   stulm   uppop
agrom   chria   fouty   jutes   nitry   reyse   stulp   uprid
agsam   chude   foxly   jutic   niuan   rhamn   sturb   uprip
aguey   chuje   fraid   juyas   noded   rheae   sturt   upsey
agush   churm   frawn   kadmi   nogai   rheen   styan   upsup
ahush   chyak   freck   kafal   noght   rheic   styca   uptie
ahwal   cicad   freir   kafir   noier   rheme   suant   upupa
ailie   cicer   freit   kafiz   noily   rhoeo   sudic   upwax
aillt   cimia   frija   kafta   nonda   rhymy   suent   upyat
aimak   cinct   frike   kahau   nondo   rifty   suety   urali
ainoi   cirri   fritt   kakar   nonly   rimey   suevi   urare
aizle   cital   frorn   kakke   nonny   rimpi   suina   urari
ajari   citua   frory   kalif   nosle   rinch   suine   urase
ajhar   civvy   frowl   kanap   nouch   rined   suint   uraum
akeki   cizar   frowy   kaneh   nould   ringy   suist   uraus
akpek   claik   fuage   karbi   nowed   ripal   sumph   urdee
akund   clame   fugle   karou   nowes   rocoa   surra   uredo
alcae   clapt   fulah   katik   noxal   rocta   swaip   ureic
alces   claut   fulbe   kecky   noyer   roguy   swape   ureid
aldim   clavy   fulth   keest   noyls   rohob   swarf   urger
aleak   clawk   fulup   keeve   nucha   roily   sweal   urith
aleft   clead   fulwa   kefti   nucin   roint   sweer   urlar
alfur   cleam   fumet   keleh   numda   roist   swego   urled
algic   clipt   fumid   kelep   numps   rokee   swelp   urnae
alids   cloam   funic   kempt   numud   roleo   swich   urnal
alkes   cloff   funje   kerat   nunch   rompu   swile   ursal
allod   cloit   fural   kerel   nunky   ronga   swimy   urson
allyl   cloof   furca   ketol   nunni   roofy   swipy   urubu
almah   cloom   furil   ketyl   nurly   rorid   swird   urucu
almeh   cloot   furud   kevel   nursy   roseo   swith   uskok
almry   closh   furyl   khila   nymil   rotge   swoln   usnea
almud   clour   furzy   khoka   nyula   rotse   swown   utchy
alody   clyer   fusht   khond   nyxis   rougy   swure   utees
aloed   clype   fusty   khuai   oadal   rouky   sylid   uteri
alogy   cnida   futwa   khula   oaker   roupy   sylow   utick
aloid   coaid   gadic   khuzi   oasal   roust   syrma   utrum
alowe   coarb   gadre   khvat   obley   rovet   sythe   utsuk
alpid   coaxy   gagee   kiack   obolo   rowel   tabic   uvate
ambay   cobaa   gagor   kibed   obrok   rowet   tabog   uveal
ameed   cocle   gaine   kibei   ochna   rowty   tabut   uviol
amelu   codle   gaize   kieye   ochro   royne   tacso   uvito
amene   codol   galbe   kilah   ochry   rubor   tagal   uvrou
amoba   cohol   galei   kileh   ocoid   rubus   tahil   uvver
amoke   colza   ganam   kimry   ocote   rucky   tahin   uzara
amole   conky   ganch   kinah   ocque   rufol   taipi   uzbak
ampyx   conoy   ganef   kioea   ocuby   ruing   tairn   uzbeg
amula   cooja   ganil   kirve   odist   ruman   takyr   uzema
amyss   coony   gansa   kishy   odize   rumly   talao   vairy
amzel   coost   gansy   kisra   odmyl   rundi   taled   vakia
anaks   copei   garad   kiswa   oenin   runed   taluk   valyl
anama   copis   garle   kitar   ofter   runer   tapoa   varve
ancle   copsy   garse   kiver   oftly   rusma   tapul   vasal
anele   coque   gashy   kiwai   ogeed   rusot   tarau   vasum
anend   corve   gaumy   kiyas   oghuz   rutic   tared   vaudy
anito   coryl   gawby   klops   ogive   rutyl   taroc   vauty
ankee   coset   gayal   klosh   ogmic   ruvid   tarre   vealy
annat   cotch   gazee   knarl   okrug   rybat   tarri   vedro
anorn   cothe   gebur   kneck   olcha   saadh   tarse   vehme
anury   coude   geira   knezi   ombre   sably   tarsi   veily
aotes   coune   gemot   knosp   omlah   sacae   tarve   vejoz
apaid   coxal   gemul   knubs   oncia   sadda   tatie   velal
aperu   coyan   genep   knyaz   oncin   sadhe   tauli   velar
aphis   coyol   genip   kodro   onely   sadic   tawer   velic
apiin   crang   geoty   koeri   onery   sagum   tawgi   vened
apiol   crare   gerah   kogia   onlay   saheb   tawie   venew
apism   crawm   gerbe   kohua   onmun   sahme   tawpi   veney
apnoa   crena   gerip   koila   onymy   sahui   taxel   venie
apode   cribo   getae   kokra   oolak   saimy   tayer   vepse
appet   criey   geyan   kokum   oolly   saiva   tayir   verby
arake   crois   ghast   konze   oones   sajou   tazia   verek
aramu   croze   ghaut   koord   oopak   sakel   tcawi   verst
araua   cruck   ghess   koorg   oopod   salay   tchwi   verys
arawa   crudy   ghole   koroa   ootid   saleb   teade   vexil
ardeb   crunt   ghyll   korwa   oozoa   salep   teaer   viary
aread   cruor   gibbi   kotal   opata   samal   teaey   vibix
arear   crura   gibel   kotow   ophic   sanct   teart   viced
areed   cruth   gilia   koyan   orant   sangu   teaty   vidry
areek   cryal   gilim   krait   oraon   sarip   teave   viewy
arefy   ctene   gilpy   kreel   orary   sarse   teend   vifda
argid   culmy   gilse   krepi   orcin   saruk   teety   vijao
arite   culpe   gipon   krosa   ordal   satle   tegua   viled
arkab   cumal   girba   kufic   orgic   saugh   teind   vined
arnut   cumay   girny   kulah   orlet   sauks   tekya   vitoe
aroar   cumic   girse   kumni   orlop   sauld   tellt   viuva
aroid   cumol   girsh   kumyk   ortet   sauty   telyn   vivda
aroph   cumyl   gisla   kunbi   ortol   saynd   tembu   vlach
arrha   cunan   giust   kurku   oryal   sazen   temne   vmoth
arsle   cunye   givey   kurus   oscin   scalt   tenai   vogle
arsyl   cunza   glack   kusam   osela   scarn   tennu   volow
artar   curby   glaga   kvass   oshac   scaul   tepal   volva
artow   curch   glaik   kwapa   osmin   scaum   terap   vouli
aruac   curin   glaky   kyack   ossal   scaup   teret   voyol
arugo   curst   glaur   kydde   otary   scawd   tereu   vraic
arulo   curua   glaux   kyley   otate   scawl   tetty   waapa
arupa   cusec   glede   kymry   othin   sceat   tetum   wadna
asarh   cusie   gledy   laang   otkon   scern   tewan   wafty
ascry   cusso   gliff   labba   otomi   schah   tewed   waggy
ashet   cyath   glike   lacet   otyak   scise   tewer   waily
askip   cypre   glime   ladde   ouabe   scler   tewit   waird
aslop   dabih   gloar   laeti   oukia   sclim   tewly   waise
aslug   dadal   gloea   lafte   oulap   scoad   teyne   wakhi
asoak   dafla   glome   lagly   ounds   scoat   tharf   wakif
assot   daggy   glout   laich   oundy   scolb   tharm   walth
astay   dakir   gluma   laigh   ouphe   scouk   thatd   walwe
asway   dalle   gnawn   laism   ourie   scove   thatn   wamus
atavi   dampy   gnide   lakao   outly   scovy   thawn   wandy
ather   daraf   goala   lakie   ovile   scrab   thawy   wanle
atimy   darii   goave   lakke   ovism   scrae   theah   warly
atnah   dasnt   gobbe   lamna   ovist   scrat   theet   warnt
atoke   daswe   gobia   lamut   owght   scraw   thegn   warry
attid   dasya   goety   lanaz   owher   scrid   theow   warse
attle   dauby   golet   langi   owler   scrin   therf   warst
attry   dawut   goloe   lapon   owser   scrit   thewy   warua
atypy   deair   gonal   lappa   oxboy   scrob   theyd   warve
aucht   deash   gonid   larve   oxfly   scudo   thilk   wasty
aueto   decil   gonys   lasty   oxime   scuft   thirl   watap
auget   decyl   gools   lathy   oxter   sculk   thirt   wauch
aulae   deess   gooma   lauia   oyana   scuta   thisn   wauns
auloi   defix   goost   lawzy   oylet   scute   thoft   waura
aulos   defly   goosy   laxly   ozena   scyle   tholi   wauve
aumil   deink   goumi   layia   pacay   sdain   thort   wayao
aurir   deino   goyin   leany   pachy   seary   thowl   wayed
auryl   deloo   goyle   ledgy   pahmi   seave   thowt   weaky
avick   denat   graip   ledum   paien   sebic   thram   wecht
avoke   denay   grank   leeky   palch   secle   thraw   weesh
awaft   deota   grege   leere   palus   seech   throu   wefty
awald   depoh   gripy   leful   pancy   seigh   thruv   weism
awarn   derat   grith   legoa   panym   sekes   thulr   wekau
awber   derre   grize   lenad   paony   selch   thurl   welew
aweek   derth   grouf   lenca   papey   senci   thurt   wends
aweel   desyl   grovy   lench   papyr   sepad   thymy   wepen
awhet   detin   gruis   lenth   paren   sepon   thyro   werre
awiwi   deuto   guaba   lepid   parer   septi   tibbu   werst
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baroi   doole   gygis   logge   phano   shluh   tousy   whipt
basos   dooli   gynne   lohar   pheal   shoad   towai   wholl
batad   dorad   gyric   lokao   phebe   shoar   toxon   whone
batwa   dorts   habbe   louey   pheny   shode   tozee   whort
bauno   dorty   haddo   louri   phoby   shole   trabu   whove
baure   doter   haikh   louty   phoma   shood   traik   whuff
bawra   dowst   haine   lowan   phyle   shooi   trais   whulk
bayal   dowve   hajib   lowgh   phyma   shoor   trasy   whurt
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bearm   draff   halch   loxic   picae   shory   trewe   whute
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bebog   drein   hange   lulab   piend   shrag   troco   wiery
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becry   drias   harka   lungi   pikel   shrap   troic   wikke
becut   drinn   hasky   lungy   pikey   shrip   troke   wilne
beday   drith   hasnt   lunka   pikle   shrog   troul   wilwe
bedip   drogh   hatel   lutao   pilin   shrow   trowl   wiros
bedog   droil   hatte   luteo   pilmy   shude   trubu   wisht
bedub   drony   hauld   lyard   pilus   shune   tryma   wisly
bedur   droud   haulm   lycid   pilwe   shurf   trypa   wiste
beete   drouk   hault   lyery   pinic   shyer   tsebe   witen
befop   drovy   hawer   lyken   pinyl   sidth   tsere   withe
begad   drung   hawok   lyrid   piony   sieur   tsine   withy
begar   dryth   hayey   lyrie   pioxe   sieva   tuarn   wiver
begut   duali   heady   lytic   pipra   sievy   tuart   wiyat
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bejel   duler   heedy   maidy   pishu   sirky   tucum   woful
bejig   dumal   heezy   maiid   piuri   siroc   tudel   woibe
bekko   dunal   heloe   maius   plaud   sisel   tugan   woldy
belah   duole   hemad   makuk   pleny   sissu   tugui   womby
belve   durax   hemol   malax   pleon   sitao   tuism   wonna
bemud   durra   henad   maleo   pleyt   sizal   tukra   woons
bensh   duryl   hende   malmy   ploat   sizel   tungo   woosy
beode   dusio   henen   manad   plout   skeed   tunna   wouch
bepat   dwale   herem   maneh   plyer   skeer   tupek   wough
bepaw   dwalm   herie   manei   poake   skeif   tupik   wowke
bepen   dwaul   herse   manid   podal   skelf   turgy   wrawl
bepun   dwyka   herte   manie   poddy   skere   turio   wreat
berob   dyker   heuau   maniu   pogge   skewy   turse   wrick
besit   earsh   heved   manoc   pohna   skice   tushe   wried
bespy   earst   hewel   maqui   poind   skidi   tutly   wrier
besra   easer   heygh   marai   poize   skiey   twale   writh
bevue   eaved   hiant   marok   pokan   skift   twalt   wrive
bewit   eccle   hiate   martu   poket   skirp   twana   wroke
bhaga   ecoid   hided   masty   pokom   skirr   twant   wudge
bhara   edder   higre   maugh   pomey   skulp   tweag   wunna
biabo   eddic   hilch   mawks   ponja   skyre   tweeg   wuste
bichy   ediya   hilus   mawky   pooly   slaie   tweil   wyten
bifer   eeler   hinau   maynt   popal   slait   twere   wyver
bigha   egean   hirse   mayst   popet   slaky   twick   xenyl
bigly   eggar   hoast   mbaya   poral   slare   twilt   xicak
biham   eghen   hobit   mbori   poria   slart   twirk   xinca
bilic   eimak   hoboy   mbuba   posca   slath   tyall   xurel
bilio   eirie   hocco   meawl   potoo   slaum   tydie   xylic
binna   elayl   hoful   medle   poulp   sleck   tyigh   xysti
birny   eleut   hogni   meith   powan   sleer   tyken   yacal
birsy   eloin   holer   melne   poynd   sleid   tyste   yaird
biune   elops   holia   meloe   poyou   slete   tzaam   yameo
blaff   elymi   holwe   mendi   predy   slich   uaupe   yamma
blenk   embog   homam   mergh   preef   slily   uayeb   yamph
blibe   emmew   hoofy   merke   prian   slipe   uchee   yaply
blirt   empeo   horme   merop   prich   slish   uckia   yapon
bluet   empte   hosel   merou   pridy   slonk   udasi   yarke
blype   enapt   hoten   mesem   pried   sloom   udish   yarly
bocoy   enarm   houss   metif   primy   slorp   ugric   yarth
boder   encup   housy   meute   prore   slour   uhllo   yasht
bogum   endew   houve   mhorr   prote   sludy   uinal   yauld
bohea   eneid   howel   miasm   prudy   sluer   ukase   yaulp
bohor   engem   howve   miaul   prunt   sluig   ullet   ydrad
boiar   enhat   huaco   micht   pryse   sluit   ulmic   yeara
boist   enlay   huave   mider   pshav   smaik   ulmin   yeard
boled   enmew   hulch   mikir   psora   smalm   ulnad   yerne
bolti   ennew   humin   milha   pubal   smalt   ulnae   yerst
bolye   enoil   hunte   mimly   pudic   smeek   uloid   yerth
bonbo   enray   husho   mimus   pudsy   smeir   uluhi   yesso
boodh   enrib   hutia   miqra   puggi   smich   ulula   yesty
boonk   enrut   hyads   mirky   puist   smilt   ulvan   yeuky
borwe   entad   hyana   misly   puler   smurr   umaua   yeven
boryl   ephah   hyleg   mitua   punan   smuse   umbel   yewen
bosky   erava   hyoid   mnium   punct   snary   umbre   yezzy
bouri   erept   hypho   mobed   pungy   snast   umiri   yfere
bouse   ergal   hyrse   mocoa   punka   sneap   umpty   ygapo
bouto   ergat   hyrst   mohur   pusil   sneck   unact   yince
bowet   ersar   iambe   moile   putid   snift   unadd   yinst
bowge   ervum   icica   moism   putry   snigg   unapt   yirth
boyla   eryon   iddat   moity   pyche   snipy   unark   ylike
bozal   esere   iddio   molal   pygal   snirl   unbag   yoick
bozze   eskar   idgah   molge   pykar   snivy   unbar   yomer
braca   estus   idite   momot   pylar   snoff   unbay   yomud
braky   etaac   idled   mools   pylic   snoga   unbed   youff
brank   ethid   idryl   moong   pyoid   snowk   unbet   youze
breba   etwee   ierne   moorn   pyral   snowl   unbog   yoven
bredi   eupad   ifere   mooth   quata   snurl   unbow   yraft
breek   ewder   igdyr   moper   quauk   snurt   unbox   ysame
brike   ewery   ihlat   mopla   quave   socht   unboy   yufts
briza   exdie   ihram   moqui   quawk   socii   unbud   yurak
brond   eyght   ijore   moril   quayd   soger   uncoy   yuruk
brugh   eyoty   ileac   mormo   queak   soily   undam   zabti
bruke   eyren   ileum   mosgu   queal   sojer   unden   zapas
bruzz   facks   ileus   mossi   quech   solay   undig   zaque
bryum   facty   ilial   moste   quegh   somaj   undim   zebub
buaze   faddy   iliau   motey   querl   somne   undog   zeism
bubal   fadme   illth   mothy   quich   soncy   undon   zemni
budgy   fairm   iloko   motty   quira   soord   undub   zenik
bugan   falwe   imban   mouls   quirl   sopor   undye   zerda
bugre   fangy   imbay   mowch   quitu   sorra   uneth   zhmud
bukat   fanwe   imbow   mowha   quoif   sorty   uneye   zibet
bulau   farde   imbox   mowra   quoil   sotie   unfar   ziega
bulba   fardh   imino   mowse   quoke   sotik   unfew   ziffs
bulby   fardo   immew   mowth   quook   soune   unfur   zihar
bulse   fatil   incle   mpret   qurti   sowan   ungag   zimbi
bunya   fatly   indan   muang   raash   sowce   unget   zimme
burao   faule   indew   mucid   rabic   sowel   ungka   zirai
burut   fause   indyl   mucor   racle   sowne   ungot   zirak
bussu   favas   inerm   mudde   raiae   sowse   ungum   zizel
butea   favel   inial   mudee   rakee   sowte   unhap   zizia
butic   fawny   inket   mugho   rakel   soyle   unhat   zocle
butsu   featy   inkra   mugil   ramed   soyot   unhid   zoeal
butyn   fecks   inmew   muist   ranal   sozin   uninn   zogan
butyr   fedia   insue   mukri   ranty   spaad   unjam   zohak
byend   feedy   intil   mulse   rapic   spado   unked   zoide
bynin   feese   intue   munia   rasse   spahi   unken   zoism
byous   feize   inust   muong   ratal   spaky   unket   zokor
bysen   felid   iodal   murid   raupo   spald   unkey   zolle
cacal   felly   iodol   murly   rayah   spean   unkid   zudda
cacam   felup   irade   murmi   razed   speet   unkin   zumic
cacur   femic   irgun   murth   razee   spelk   unlap   zunis
cadge   fenks   irian   murut   reask   spere   unlay   zymin
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